• Scalp Strategy Course

    In this course, Vic and Sarid will show you how to recognize and capture great Forex trading opportunities throughout the trading day with practical short-term strategies. Learn how to make quicker profits while reducing risk exposure. A must-have resource for short-term traders. more »

  • 6 Powerful Daily Forex Patterns!

    Knowing how to look for and take advantage of recurring Forex price patterns is one of the main weapons available to the professional Forex trader. Shirley Hudson & Vic Noble will show you how to spot and profit from them throughout the trading day. more »

  • Coach's Corner Ongoing Group Mentoring with Vic Noble

    Since 2006, Coach's Corner has provided a steady, interactive and highly encouraging training environment to help Forex traders locate and trade momentum moves by using proven patterns and time-tested techniques. more »

This is Vic Noble. Welcome to Forex Trading And Education! We're here to provide you with the tools and resources necessary for you to become a successful forex trader. Forex trading is a serious business and it is vitally important that you are properly educated and informed before committing your hard-earned money to the markets. One thing I will guarantee you - you are going to pay for education in this business either through experience or having someone show you how to avoid costly mistakes before they happen - and they will happen. Put the power of currency trading at your fingertips through training with our experienced forex trading professionals. GET FREE WEEKLY TRADING EXAMPLES by filling out the form on the top left corner of this page. »

Coach's Corner

Coach's Corner is a semi-weekly, mentoring service designed to provide highly personalized follow-up support for traders of all levels. Since 2007, Our resident coach Vic Noble has trained 1000's of aspiring Forex traders. more »


In this much anticipated, newly released course, Vic & Sarid show you short-term focused techniques and strategies to make quicker profits while reducing market exposure. more »

The VicTrade

In the "VicTrade" stategy course, Vic Noble shows you the only setup you need to achieve consistent success in the Forex markets!more »

6 Recurring Patterns

Shirley and Vic shows you how to profit from 6 very safe currency price patterns that recur consistently throughout the trading day. more »

About Vic Noble

After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commerce, Vic became vice-president of a family run sawmill in Vancouver that employed 200 people.

Vic Noble

In 1988 the sawmill was sold and he then became the chief pilot and operations manager of a helicopter charter operation, which he ran until the later 1990’s, after which he devoted full time to trading.

Up until the early fall of 2005 he was employed by a large futures brokerage house in Vancouver, and has since left that job to concentrate exclusively on trading foreign exchange for his own account, and most importantly to help others find success in trading.

Vic has always maintained a passion for trading and as a result of his years in the brokerage business was able to gain unique insights into the habits of both successful and unsuccessful traders. It was the unsuccessful traders that really challenged Vic to want to make a difference, and so to that end he has now embarked upon a strategic relationship with Forexmentor.com with the sole purpose of helping people develop successful trading habits.

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I LOVE coaching and educating....

I was involved for many years as a coach in sports (and a participant), and it’s always been in my blood. Teaching someone to trade properly is really no different than teaching an athlete. The goal is the same — bring out the best in them!! And just like with athletes, not all traders become stars, however I can certainly make them a lot better and show them the things necessary to get them to a point where they can trade with low stress and high confidence. Like sports, it’s all a matter of learning the right way with plenty of practice, practice, practice. To your success!

Vic, just had to thank you again for the RFP. Not only is this terrific but you have included the Noble Entry Video along with the Support and Resistance course PLUS numerous videos. Maybe the best course I have ever seen. – Bill Q.
Hi Vic, I knew immediately after our first coaching session that I would come back for more at the right time, that is, after I had worked on my inner demons and had more time and money. You created and introduced a new course based on your core concepts during this time just when I was ready to move to the next step. – Norman L.
Hi Vic, What a great course. You really put a lot of work into preparing and producing it. I couldn't be happier. You have a knack for explaining the material (as you do in the Scalping Course) without making it confusing and are very thorough. There are points brought out that I had forgotten.. – Mike G.